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Happy Eid al-Fitr and Happy Anniversary

Happy Eid al-Fitr and Happy Anniversary

Assalamu alaikum!

As we celebrate Eid al-Fitr today, let us also remember that on the 24th of May, 1974, His Majesty Sultan Mohammad Mahakuttah Abdulla Kiram was officially crowned as the Sultan of Sulu at Plaza Tulay, Jolo, Sulu. At this same coronation, Datu Muedzul-Lail Tan Kiram was crowned as the Raja Muda of Sulu, heir apparent of Sultan Mahakuttah. Today is the 46th commemoration of this momentous event.

We also honour an important occasion today as Their Royal Majesties Ampun Sultan Hadji Muedzul-Lail Tan Kiram and Dayang Dayang Pangian Mellany Serman Kiram celebrate their 23rd year of joyful marriage. Happy Anniversary Your Majesties!

This is a very special day indeed!

Eid Mubarak to all!