Revival of the Office of North Borneo Affairs

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The Chancellor of the Royal Order of the Pearl

The Chancellor of the Royal Order of the Pearl


The Royal House of Sulu under the strong guidance of His Royal Majesty Ampun Sultan Hadji Muedzul-Lail Tan Kiram, The 35th Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo, prides itself in being administered by esteemed persons from across the globe that give their time voluntarily to help support the Sultanate of Sulu and the Tausug people.

Leading the Royal Chancellery is His Excellency Datu Sadja Jaeame Koyil, the Chancellor of the Royal Order of the Pearl of Sulu.

Datu Sadja Koyil is an alumnus of Yale University and Columbia Business School. He is active in a number of businesses in different countries and serves on several boards. He is most active in the field of book publishing. He is also part of several charities including serving on the Board of the Augustan Society and as a Trustee and Past President of the St. Andrew’s Society of San Francisco.

Chancellor Koyil is a Commander of the Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem (a British royal order of chivalry), a Knight in the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus (an order under the Royal House of Savoy), a Knight of the Order of Saint Michael of the Wing (awarded by the Portuguese Royal House), and President of the Kyle Family Society (a sept of Clan MacDougal).

Statement from the Chancellor:

“I am honored to be able to assist His Majesty The Sultan in the interdenominational and charitable efforts of the Royal Order of the Pearl. It is my wish that we may contribute to more peace and understanding among people of all faiths as well as to alleviate, in particular, the suffering of those in need in Sulu.”